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Trust Through Safety.

European Pipeline Services GmbH

The European Pipeline Services GmbH was founded on the 1st of July 2012 by the partners Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH and FRIEDRICH VORWERK KG (GmbH & Co). Since then, the company has taken over the testing and inspection activities for pipelines and plants for the Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH.

By the fusion of both experienced partners, it was possible to expand the range of services to also include the processing of large-scale orders. The access to the shared pool of personnel and machines allows for a comprehensive service in all areas.

With our headquarters in Tostedt and our company locations in Geeste and Halle/Saale, we can offer our services nationwide with the necessary flexibility and short access times. Our highly efficient workshops and maintenance and storage facilities guarantee a constant availability of resources.

To optimize our processes, we have introduced an integrated management system. With this, we ensure that the requirements concerning our quality, environmental and safety standards constantly comply with all relevant sections of the company.

For the sake of the continuous development and protection of our management system, it has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009 and SCC** regulations. This guarantees a high safety standard and the constant compliance with our clients‘ wishes.

Flexibility and Individual Solutions.

The Complete Service Package

European Pipeline Services carries out strength and tightness tests for pipelines and plants for the utility and chemicals industry. The tests can be carried out with gaseous as well as with liquid mediums on pipelines and plants of all dimensions and pressure ranges.

We offer a wide range of cleaning concepts for maintaining the serviceability of pipelines. All procedures are adjusted to the project-specific requirements. Poly-foam pigs, foam disc pigs, chemical and/or mechanical tools are used for removing incrustations that are otherwise hard to remove.

We offer inspections with intelligent inspection pigs to verify a permanent integrity of transmission pipelines. Our scope of services includes checking for dents by means of caliper pigs as well as the measuring of the pipe wall thickness with ultrasonic or magnetic flux leakage inspection pigs. After a successful inspection pigging, we submit our detailed analysis and documentation of all measuring results according to the specific requirements of the client.

For the commissioning or preservation of pipelines and plants we carry out dryings with air or nitrogen. High-capacity drying plants for all pipe sizes and plant types are available from our own equipment pool.