Working Without Restrictions in Availability.

Technology and Equipment

The existing equipment pool of the Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH was taken over with the founding of the European Pipeline Services GmbH. Since then, it has been extensively overhauled and extended.

The personnel operating the equipment were also taken over from the Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH and have been further trained and extended since the founding of the new company. This way, we can rely on experienced personnel as well as established and proven equipment.

For hydraulic pressure tests and pigging, the European Pipeline Services GmbH uses self-driving units of different sizes and capacities. These “compact units“ consist of filling pump, high-pressure pump and high-pressure compressor. For bigger projects, additional filling pumps, high-pressure pumps and drying systems in accordance with the respective requirements are used.
In order to carry out pneumatic pressure tests in a more flexible manner, mobile “compact units“ are available in this area, too, which can be extended by means of additional power units if necessary.

The European Pipeline Services GmbH uses fully equipped measuring containers for the recording and documentation of the pressure tests. The modern measurement technology which is monitored by the German Calibration Service (DKD) consists of piston manometers, micrometer pressure gauges, pressure strip chart recorders, flow meters and electronic thermometers.

By means of an extensive range of pigs and pig traps, the European Pipeline Services GmbH is able to carry out tests in an individual and flexible manner. Our own production capacities are able to also design and build customized solutions at short notice.