Scope of ServicesScope of Services

Our Services Ensure Your Public Service Obligations.

A Summary of Our Services:

Hydraulic Pressure Tests

  • High-pressure tests on high-pressure pipelines of all sizes according to DVGW G469- D2 and VDTÜV instructional leaflet 1060
  • Expansion pressure tests on high-pressure pipelines of all sizes according to DVGW G469-B2
  • Visual pressure tests on high-pressure pipelines, slide valve units and stations according to G469-A2 + A1
  • Pressure tests on water lines according to DIN EN 805 and DVGW W400-2

Pneumatic Pressure Tests

  • Pneumatic pressure tests according to DVGW G469-B3 and C3
  • Visual pressure tests with air or nitrogen according to DVGW G469-A3

Cleaning Pigging

  • Cleaning of pipelines with poly-foam pigs
  • Cleaning of pipelines with brush pigs
  • Chemical cleaning of pipelines
  • Combined chemical/mechanical cleaning of pipelines

Inspections and Intelligent Pigging of Pipelines

  • Checking pipelines for dents by means of calibre disc pigs or caliper pigs
  • Intelligent pigging of pipelines in order to detect possible changes in wall thickness or material fatigue by means of ultrasonic measuring pigs or magnetic leakage flux pigs with electronic recording

Drying and Inertisation

  • Drying of pipelines and plants of all dimensions by means of air or nitrogen
  • Inertisation of closed systems by means of dried air or nitrogen